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Lifeline Vi Alarm & Pendant – Fall Detector Monthly Plan

€19.99 per month*

Lifeline24’s Fall Detector plan replaces the MyAmie pendant in the standard plan with a Fall Detector pendant. The Vibby Fall Detector, which is water resistant and can be worn in the shower, is able to detect when the wearer has a fall and automatically calls for assistance. This Fall Detector plan we have to offer is our most advanced option, and gives complete peace of mind to those investing.

The Fall Detector Plan includes:

  • Lifeline Vi Alarm Plug and Play Base Unit
  • Wireless Fall Detector Pendant – features fall detection protection as well as a standard manual push alarm button
  • Neck Lanyard (or wrist strap)
  • 24/7 Monitoring Service

Initial price of €161.50 includes first 3 months of service, setup, and delivery

The service will be charged at €19.99 per month after the first 3 months

*If you or the person you are purchasing for is chronically sick or disabled you do not have to pay VAT for this service. If you select yes for VAT exemption below, no VAT will be added to your purchase price. You will need to complete a short VAT relief form which we will include in your customer welcome pack and we will send you via email. If you do not qualify for VAT exemption, please select no below instead.